As promised in an earlier post, the updates from our four tango teams can be found below. 

You will be able to sense that the cultural exchange between our UK and in country volunteers is in full swing.  In addition to the teaching sessions, they are all enjoying dancing and cooking together. However, there seems to be some dispute as to which team can make the best chapattis.....!

 Tango 1:

Mambo from Tango One!

Our first week together kicked off with an all singing, all dancing rendition of ‘one big family’. We have spent the week getting to know each other and learning about some of our traditions – including swapping our famous dances such as the Macarena and Kwaito!

From adjusting to bucket showers, long drops and drinking 5 litres of purified water a day, we are learning a lot and are excited to hit the road, meet the communities and start camp life!

One Big Family

Our UK volunteers are welcomed to Morogoro.  All Tanzanian volunteers, UK leaders and in country staff performed ‘one big family’, a song and dance that was composed and choreographed by our Tanzanian volunteers.


Tango 2:

After days, weeks and months of great anticipation, and a painstaking packing process, all 24 of us as UK volunteers found ourselves boarding a plane to the beautiful Tanzania. Upon arrival we were met with nothing but friendly words and warm smiles by the UK Raleigh staff and the in-country staff, volunteers and leaders.

Right now, we’ve just finished the training process here in Morogoro and, as of 6am tomorrow, we’re heading out into the wilderness!

So, that’s a wrap for now. We’ll keep you updated on how we’re getting on; we’re hoping that nobody is going to fall down the long drop or sleep in a sleeping bag with a spider, but we will soon fill you in! Until then, this is Tango 2 listening out…

Caroline and Winnie

Welcoming smiles: Caroline (a UK team leader) and Winnie (who provides administration support) take a break in between training sessions.

Tango 3:


The week was overwhelming to start and very tiring but, after many team bonding activities and some exotic fruit picking, we’re all feeling at home together.  Tango 3 is very excited about the coming weeks and learning more from one another (including how to dance!)  Highlights of the week are Tango 3’s outstanding victory in the chapatti making competition and our whole group’s dancing experience (it would seem that the UK volunteers have a lot to learn….!) However, our Swahili is coming on great! Kwaheri!


As part of learning more about one another, all Tango groups took part in a ‘social actions timeline’ activity. Each team drew a timeline in chalk on the ground and every member then added details of when they had contributed positively to their community.  All of the lines were very full by the end!

Tango 4:

Mambo from Tango 4!

Our trip started off in typical Tanzanian style – we were late! Despite this, our in country counterparts welcomed us with a song and a dance and a warm smile. We really do feel like one big family now, especially within out training (tango) team. This week has been jam-packed with learning – from practical, medical and camp life to coming top of the league for our chapatti skills, to our cultural play.  We are eager to start our project as Charlie 4, which will work with one of the last hunter-gatherer tribes in Africa. Until next time, this is Tango 4 listening out…